Wild West Adventures of Vonnie McCaul

Vonnie McCaul is a fearless high spirited young girl who yearns for adventure. To her it just isn't fair that she has to grow up in the middle of Saskatchewan where absolutely nothing ever happens.

But in the summer of 1930 Vonnie and her friends make a discovery so explosive it may well cost them their lives.

Vonnie's mother died when she was only ten. The pain of this was made bearable with the arrival of Emma, her mother's youngest sister and Vonnie's favorite aunt. Emma took over the running of the McCaul household while Vonnie's father, James, continued to manage the general store.

A year later, James McCaul took Emma as his wife. To Vonnie, this was an ultimate betrayal. No matter how hard Emma tries to be a good mother, Vonnie fights her efforts at every turn.

In an attempt to escape her boredom and home situation, Vonnie plots to run away and join Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show when it comes to Moose Jaw .

Lyle Ward is Vonnie's best friend. Deer like, lean and delicate, there is a troubled, startled look about him. Lyle and Vonnie share a common tragic bond. Both their mothers died in the same accident. Since then Lyle's home life has been hell on earth. His father, Angus Ward has drowned his pain in alcohol, eventually losing his job at the Livery. Angus Ward has developed the stern, brutal attitude of a man who has wrestled with fate once too often. Lyle has grown to fear him never knowing for sure when the next beating will take place.

Clancey Douglas was born of strict loyalist stock. His father is the town doctor. This erudite, often pompous young boy tends to wear his intellect on his sleeve. It is from this self-assumed omniscience that the seeds of superiority were first sown, often placing his relationship with the other kids, especially Poy Ling, in serious jeopardy. It is not an overt 'in your face' kind of bigotry, but the more insidious kind that is spawned from soulless intellect.

Clancey's mother, Victoria has not blended well into the community for there is very little room in Weyburn for British pomp and circumstance.

Poy Ling is a small enthusiastic Chinese boy with an insatiable curiosity that keeps him in a state of perpetual motion. His family owns the Royal Tea Room, Weyburn's only restaurant. In direct contrast to Clancey, Poy Ling is usually in a mode of action/reaction and rarely takes the time to consider the consequences. Even at the tender age of 12 Poy Ling's past is filled with mystery and intrigue.

In the midst of the peace and tranquility of a small prairie town, these youngsters will stumble on a major rum running operation headed up by a Chicago mobster name Yoyo Myers.

The kids along with John Myron, a young Indian boy, attempt to stop Yoyo and find themselves in the midst of more adventure and danger than they could have ever hoped for. This experience will test their wits, courage, and loyalty to each other.

And so their grand adventure begins. From the sweeping expanse of the Saskatchewan plains to the forbidding terrain and sheer cliffs of the Big Muddy, from the underground tunnels of Moose Jaw's infamous River Street to the explosive buffalo run at Signal Hill, to the hair raising ride along the Sooline Railway as the train rushes out of control, Vonnie and her friends will match their wits and courage with bootleggers, the Klu Klux Klan, Lai Chang and the Chinese Tong, a terrifying blind hit man named Mr. McGoo, the mob and Al Capone himself.

On this tapestry of adventure and challenge is woven the life values that Vonnie and her friends will endeavor to understand; ideals that still confuse and frustrate learned men – life, death, truth, loyalty, forgiveness and the divine tenacity of the human spirit.