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Visual Mindscape CoverAs film is first and foremost a visual medium does it not make sense that the screenplay which is the spine, heart and soul of the film also be a visual experience?

If in Citizen Kane you were ‘told’ the meaning of ‘Rosebud’, would it have the same impact as it did when you saw the sleigh being tossed into the furnace? Of course not!

I believe that a fully realized screenplay reveals itself primarily through images which I refer to as the Visual Mindscape.

This allows the reader or viewer to ‘discover’ elements of the story rather than being told. It is a far more intimate and visceral experience.

I feel this is the true magic of the screenplay and is the basis behind The Visual Mindscape of the Screenplay.

With examples from various well known screenplays The Visual Mindscape of the Screenplay explores the various forms of visual storytelling. See the Table of Contents.

So that you can a clearer understanding of what is meant by The Visual Mindscape of the Screenplay I have also attached Chapter One for your consideration.

To date, every screenplay I have written has either been sold or optioned. Four have been produced. I owe this success to the use of the Visual Mindscape in my screenwriting. I’m sure it can improve your screenwriting skills as well.

Read the Forward by Daniel Cerone.