SCARS – The Screenplay

Haunted and scarred by childhood abuse two damaged souls emotionally collide one evening at a strip club.Scars

Angela is the mother of a six year old child trying to make it on her own. Luna is her stage name; a jaded worn-down stripper who seeks respect and validation through the power she has over men.

Sonny is a customer who is tormented by an unnatural and dangerous obsession. He has an insatiable need to seek intimacy in a world where it doesn’t exist.

They are diametric opposites who have somehow dovetailed into each other’s needs, afflictions and buried secrets. Each possesses a festering childhood wound that the other cannot help but pick at.

Eventually both of their most guarded secrets erupt to the surface and in a world of sexual deceit, secrets shared can be deadly.

SCARS is an erotic psychological thriller that explores the deepest sexual divides between men and women.

SCARS Screenplay


Penny Noble
Noble Kaplan and Abrams