Raymond Chandler Star Campaign

Raymond ChandlerRaymond Chandler was an Oscar-nominated screenwriter as well as a highly successful and influential crime novelist. He is best known for such works as The Big Sleep, Farewell My Lovely and The Long Goodbye, all of which were made into films.

Chandler was also a Hollywood screenwriter, receiving Academy Award nominations for his work on Double Indemnity and The Blue Dahlia.

His books featured the detective Philip Marlowe, who became an iconic figure of the fictional private investigator genre, with Chandler becoming renowned for his distinctive language, ideas and vision of Los Angeles.

He had an immense stylistic influence on American popular culture and in particular the Hollywood mystic. He was arguably the engine behind what was to become Hollywood Noir.

Simply put, if there had not been a Raymond Chandler there may well have not been a Hollywood Walk of Fame. Surprisingly, there is no Hollywood star for Raymond Chandler, but plans are currently underway to change that. Bill Boyle has sponsored Chandler's nomination for a star in 2015, and is launching a campaign to raise the needed funds.

Be part of the process and support the Raymond Chandler Star Campaign.