Bill Boyle’s Unlimited Script Mentoring Program


Bill Boyle’s “Unlim­ited Script Mentoring Ser­vice” is a unique approach that has earned him the recog­ni­tion as one of the top script con­sul­tants in the business.

His approach reveals itself more as a Mentor than as a Coach or Consultant. See Mentoring vs. Teaching.

A Mentor offers a greater perspective focusing on the acquisitions of additional skills thus allowing the writer to maintain their own true voice within the basic screenwriting template.

Unlimited Script Mentoring means you have as many one-on-one sessions (by phone, skype or in person) as necessary to complete a full draft of your screenplay, from concept to first draft or from draft to polish.

Creative Screenwriting Magazine has listed Bill among the top 10% of Script Consultants in the country. Using a style of screenwriting he calls ‘The Visual Mindscape’ guarantees your screenplay will be as marketable as it can possibly be.

Every Screenplay Bill has written has either been produced or optioned, and it is the Visual Mindscape approach to his writing that has made that possible.

Bill takes your screen­play from con­cept to first draft, or from full draft to pol­ish. He approaches your script from three dif­fer­ent but equally impor­tant points of view. Pay specific notice to "The Specifics" as this is where most screenplays fall short.


This includes establishing a tight present moment narrative, exploring the visual expressions of your story, seeking the proper pacing and prose of your narrative with each scene, and seeking out the natural pulse of your dialogue.
Once the specifics are on solid ground, he will move on to the big picture - the over­all sto­ry­telling process and visual expres­sions of your screenplay.


This includes the structure and layout of the story as well as the progressive development of the story line and the characters.


How one tells their story is just as important as what the story is about. Storytelling goes beyond the specific and the overall, and deals with revealing and withholding clues as well as establishing a firm atmosphere throughout the story.

Bill only takes on a total of 5 new writers every two months.

The fee for Unlim­ited Screen­play Mentor­ing Ser­vice is $1,000. It you wish to make the payment in install­ments the fee is 6 payments of $200 ($1,200).

If you are interested in signing up, let us know, and a Paypal invoice will be sent to your email address. Payments can also be made by credit card to and making the payment to

If you have any further questions, you can either email Bill at or call at 818-808-7336.

Important Information

To allow Bill to effectively critique and work your script, you need to be aware of the following requirements:

  1. The script must be com­pleted within eight months of the first session, and the ses­sion book­ings are based on the first mutu­ally avail­able time.
  2. Each ses­sion is sched­uled only after pages have been deliv­ered and at the ear­li­est mutu­ally avail­able time. This is usu­ally around a week or so after receipt of the pages.
  3. You need to sub­mit your work in either Final Draft or Movie Magic. The rea­son for this is that Bill needs to be able to edit and/or attach script notes, and these two pro­grams are the most effi­cient at doing so. Besides, as you are now approach­ing the thresh­old of professional screen­writ­ing, you should be using pro­fes­sional screen­writ­ing software.
  4. Initially you will sub­mit around 10 pages at a time to begin along with a syn­op­sis of the over­all story. Once Bill is con­fi­dent in your for­mat­ting, nar­ra­tive style and dialogue, you will sub­mit larger chunks of the script.
  5. You must use revi­sion marks with revised pages, and clear/reset revi­sion marks in your script prior to each sub­mis­sion. This is cru­cial oth­er­wise Bill has no way of know­ing what changes have been made in the script since the pre­vi­ous ses­sion. Also, as writ­ers look­ing to become professional, being able to use revi­sion marks is an absolute must. For those of you who are not cer­tain about how to use a revi­sion mode in either soft­ware, Bill will go over that with you dur­ing the first intro­duc­tion session.
  6. Bill will need your phone num­ber and email address.
  7. Bill sched­ules his West Coast Ses­sions in the evening, East Coast in the late after­noon and Euro­pean and Aus­tralian ses­sions in the early morn­ing. Please be clear these times are based on the time zone (PST) and not on your time zone.